The Good Ones


I have had so many good people poke their heads into my life lately, and it is high time for an appreciation post. Here's to those who pop in monthly or less; you've just been swell.

I've been on sort-of vacation the last two weeks. Sort-of vacation consists of moving, wrapping up summer semester, and finally the joy of leaving Champaign, Illinois for a week. During this time, my parents have been helpful with moving and choosing new (to me) pieces from a re-sale furniture shop while being understanding of my school schedule; my partner's parents have been helpful by allowing me to stay with them and enjoy a beautiful first week off; my doctor has been helpful by consistently being the only tic doctor I've seen to be so, and by yet again listening to me at our appointment; my long-time friend has been helpful by spending a day with me and talking to me about my hopes and fears; and another friend has been more than helpful for doing some incredible TicTock artwork for me.

Everyone has been so wonderful!

And this feels good, because although I did not write about it, I did end up experiencing quite a slow-down from Olanzapine withdrawal. For approximately one month, I lived with flu symptoms and in a depressive state. I am happy to report that, at the two and a half month mark, my mood and physical state have greatly improved, and I have lost the signature crabbiness that followed me for that time.

Medication, as I have come to be aware, is not an issue to be taken lightly. While I still feel I have adjustments to make, I finally feel like I am at a good place to make them. And it helps so much with that process when the people around you, even the ones who just pop in and out, are kind and caring.



One thought on “The Good Ones

  1. Changing meds is a nightmare. I was ticcing badly about 5 weeks ago, so we increased my meds. Last week, I realized I was depressed. I dropped back down and the depression went away. It’s exhausting. It’s nice that you wrote this post. I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal, and it helps me see that there is ALWAYS something positive in my life.


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