My name is Kristin J. I am a graduate student in Illinois (USA) who studies all things ears. In 2 years, I will receive my doctorate and begin practicing as an ear doctor. I am a coffee enthusiast, a want-to-be cook, a proud bunny rabbit owner, and a natural-waterfall-seeker. I also have Tourette Syndrome. I have had Tourette’s since I was a child, and will continue to have it for the rest of my life. This blog is my medication journey, my family journey, my societal journey, etc. All of which have brought and continue to bring challenges. I like to think my┬ástory is solely that of hope, of perseverance, of kindness, and of acceptance. But to be frank, there are still a share of negative emotions to work through as well. I hope that people who find this blog take comfort in the reality that they are not alone.

Best Wishes and Twitches,

Kristin J